Paladin Spells are one of the most interesting spells in DND and its the most full-fledged independent class in the group. The Paladin spells have a shield and a mace in his hands. But do not compare it with the guard and its the first defense will have fewer troops. It’s able to restrain the mob attacks with an energy shield.

It’s possible to trace the evolution of the paladin archetype in the collective consciousness over the last 4 decades.


Many of the DnD player’s questions was, what are the best feats and poplar spells of paladins.

In this article, we will list out the best feats for paladins. You can check out the most popular paladin spells here.

  • Sentinel- It pairs well with the polearm master and the oath of vengeance relentless avenger ability.
  • Resilient- It is great for the constitution and saving through which can be Huge, after the 6th level. You’ll be adding the charisma bonus with your constitution which gives you some nasty spells.
  • War Caster- If you are going to run a lot of concentration spells, the vengeance paladins may want to have this.Great Weapon Master
  • Great Weapon Master- But don’t forget to use your 5+ devotion via channel divinity or to help offset the -5 from this.
  • Shield Master- This is an interesting feat for it’s shove ability and reaction to the area of effect spells. However, on oath conquest paladin, this is really nice as a movement speed of zero means that they can’t even get up.

Paladin Protection Strategies

Paladin’s aura is one of the most useful protection features. It has a bad effect though of causes people to bunch up in combat. It’s very important to remember that Death Saving throws are saving throws, so standing near a party member makes your aura is up and save them.

Oath of the Ancients really shines and where everyone has a plus to saving throws and resistance to spell is extremely useful. All the paladins get in a pool of healing, unfortunately, it takes your action so it’s not extremely useful in combat.

1 hp might be all you need to do to get your party member up and able to self tend. You can also use 5 hit points worth removing a disease or a spell at a higher level.


Paladins is one of the best classes in Dungeons and Dragons 5e, they don’t have to be the old lawful stupid. And they have a lot of roleplaying options available to them which can make them a lot of fun to play.

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