Evolution is an important aspect of Pokemon games and evolution is not just about Physical changes. It makes them stronger and big, than before. Pokemon evolves when they meet certain level and the level get increases based on their battle experience.

Also the evolution can even change the type of the Pokemon. As there are many Pokemon characters, refer to the pokemon evolution chart and select the required generation to choose the right Pokemon.

Here in this article, we have listed the 6 best Pokemon evolution’s you should know before getting in to the game.

Best Pokemon Evolution’s:

evolution charts

1. Steelix from Onyx:

Steelix is one of the strongest pokemon of the second generation. Steelix is a great evolution for two main reasons. It introduced the new Steel Type Pokemon to the world, and also demonstrated that the Pokemon evolution might gain new forms in future games.

2. Slowbro from Slowpoke:

Slowbro is a mandatory entry on every list of Pokemon evolution. How does a slowpoke gets evolved? By getting a bite in the ass by a Shellder. Even weirder is Slowbro’s evolution is Slowking and it was introduced later. The Shelled moves up to its head and becomes a physic clam crown. An no idea, what does the Shellder get out of it.

3. Scizor from Scyther:

Scizor was another second generation pokemon, that introduced the concepts of the Steel type and new evolution’s for previously existing monsters. It also showed that red can also be cool. The best part about Scizor is that it logically should not be as deadly as its predecessor.

Scyther, has its big green scythe blade-arms have been turned into stupid crab claws for some reason.

4. Porygon-Z from Porygon 2

Porygon is the only Pokemon to our knowledge that must be traded twice before it can reach its final form. The first time we trade the Porygon to make Porygon 2, then you can do it again with the dubious disk to evolve it into Porygon-Z.

5. Milotic from Feebas:

We have already learned in Pokemon Red and Blue, that the dumbest Pokemon will evolve into the coolest monsters. The unbelievably pathetic Feebas was introduced and it level up to 50 without anything happening. As it turns out Feebas will evolve into the beautiful Milotic.

6. Stoutland from Herdier:

Stoutland is the final form of a completely unremarkable and boring three-stage evolutionary line that begins with the Lillipup and the sort of resembles sheep dogs.

Final Words:

Did we miss any best Pokemon of your choice? Then let us know in the comment section given below.

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