best grammar checker tools

Best Software and Tools to check Grammatical Errors

Online grammar check tools are useful for users who wish to write error-free emails, presentations, reports, blogs, or even social media posts. In this post, we’ve listed the best online grammar checker software and tools. Let’s begin with them. 5 Best Grammar check tools 2020 The following are the best grammar tools that will make

Best Kodi addons for sports and gaming

If sports and games are at the top of your entertainment list, Kodi can be among your greatest allies. Here in this article, we have listed the best available Kodi sports and gaming add-ons. Try any one of them or give them all a try. What is Kodi? Kodi add-on is another piece of software


Best Online QR Code Generators of 2019

A QR code generator is an excellent tool that allows you to generate quick response codes or QR codes used mainly by companies for marketing purposes. QR codes were invented in Japan in 1994, a QR code is simply a two-dimensional bar code. With sudden popularity, many QR code generators remain online and claim to


Best Alexa Commands to Make the Best Out of It

Those of you who own an Amazon Echo may be surprised to learn how much you can actually do. It is loaded with hidden features and many settings. Created by Amazon, Amazon Echo can create task lists, configure alarms, broadcast podcasts, read audiobooks, read PDF files, provide weather forecasts, warns about traffic, answer questions, check


Best Free VST Plugins for Musicians

Audio production can be an expensive job, even if you walk the virtual path with a digital audio workstation (DAW) and virtual instruments. Using VST add-ons is extremely convenient, but many of the best VST add-ons are very expensive. If you want to expand your VST Instrument library (VSTi) or edit your mixes with special