If you want your little champion to pick up the reading habit or work with both of your vocabularies, poring over books is probably not what they want to do. A rather brilliant way of inculcating the reading habit in your kid is to have them solve crossword puzzles.

To make this list, we set have set up some ground rules. All games had to be the free, and easy user interface. We also made sure that they had at least a four-star rating on both mobile app stores. Here are our picks.

Word Cookies:

Word Cookies is a unique single player game, that you have to create a number of words from a set of given letters. Controls are simple – just swipe your finger around the letters to form a word. There are in-app purchases, but only for buying coins that you can trade in for hints and also for removing ads at a one-time price for a few dollars. The ads do not interfere with gameplay in any way, usually popping up in between levels, in addition to a banner on the bottom while playing.


Wordscapes is a free android game app which offers you a challenging word crossword puzzle. Each level has a few letters to build words, the first few will be easy to solve, but the game gets more and more challenging as complete levels. The best part of the game is that you are not given any time limit which allows you to solve whatever the word puzzle you are in your convenient time. It also provides you hints, if you find yourself stuck in any levels that you can’t figure and solve. This is a free app comes with boring ads.


Your child can learn the names of different vehicles that we use on air, land, and water. You can also discuss with your child the purpose of each vehicle. Such crosswords can inevitably improve your children’s spelling skills.


A little different from the conventional crossword, CodyCross features mostly horizontal clues with a few vertical ones sprinkled. Once you have a clue, you can select the letters from the answer and put into the correct spot on other clues. By solving each clue, you can make every other clue easier to solve until every one of them is complete. The clues are based around trivia than wordplay, so you can learn a few things, as you go.


Wordalot does things a little differently. Instead of giving you individual word-based clues, it shows a picture at the top of the puzzle. The puzzle consists of items that can be seen in the picture. This makes for a nice twist on the crossword format if you want something fresh.


If you are a crossword addict but haven’t made the jump to the digital versions yet, there are plenty out there for you to play. From regular crosswords to cryptic clues, to word games, there’s a lot of variety and something for everyone. Feel free to share your favorite crossword puzzle app, in the below comment section.

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