Word puzzle games are more enjoyable as they are very simple and fun. There are many different word games across the gaming platform. You can find Words within an enormous scramble of letters, unraveled palindromes, and crossword puzzles.

In this article, we’ve come up with the best word games, word search or word puzzle games for Android. 

Best Word Puzzle games for Android 

The following are the list of Word puzzle games for Android in 2019 which kill your free time with more fun

  • Wordscapes
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Typeshift
  • Word Search


Wordscapes is a combination of a Crossword puzzle and Word guessing. You will get a blend of letters on the bottom of the screen and a crossword-style design at the top. You can also refer wordscapes answers, if you couldn’t figure out answer for any level.

This game involves over 5000 puzzles, some different game mods. But, it features some unpleasant ads which make it less friendly to players who play it for free.

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle – a free word search game which offers you a bunch of hints and you can type in the answers. This game has simple, medium and hard levels along with free packs of Crosswords on a weekly basis. As well, the player can purchase more things via the in-app purchases. This game offers clues and controls for removing mistakes or ignoring cells with letters while answering the puzzle. 


Typeshift is one of the most interesting twists on a classic game type. The puzzle in the game continues until the player finds every tile. The initial stages of the game will be simple and will not face any issue to find the words. In this game, there is a hint system which will help you if you’re stuck at some point. 

Word Search

Word Search is another interesting game which is free of cost to play. Each word has its own spotlight colors and you can even customize the size of the font in case you wish to make it smaller or larger. Even the advertisement in the game is not too bad. As well, the game does have some occasional bug a crash. 

Bottom lines

The above-mentioned games are just like a pinch of salt. There are more great games in the gaming environs. If you are using the fore-mentioned games then share your gaming experience with us. Thank you.

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